Amber Trail Greenways - Connecting Nature, Tradition And People


What Is The Amber Trail


A renewed spirit of cooperation along the historic corridor, called Amber Trail empowers people and communities to generate sustainable economic and social development while protecting, restoring and preserving traditional cultural and natural values and landscapes. program, called the Amber Trail Greenways provides the framework for local regional and cross-border cooperation expanding upon a historical context while building bridges to the future.


The Amber Trail Greenways (ATG) is a way of responding “from the bottom-up” to the unwanted impacts on local natural and cultural heritage resources arising from 50 years of neglect and willful destruction under communist rule and followed by insensitivity to local concerns of  the “top-down” economic and political reforms of the past decade. The motivation and goal is to help people in Central Europe to use local heritage for local development and engage them actively in the process of reforms which have brought market economy and opportunities for democratic rule and for sustainable development.

Our long-term experience with supporting local environmental actions is that the most important thing is to give individuals an opportunity to take action and to believe that this can make a difference. This is the key to success in grass-roots projects – they change thinking, afterwards they change lives and finally they change places. We want to support local people to change places where they live to places which they like and love. We see local development as one of the main tools of preventing, even averting of general decline in rural areas and small towns.

The Greenway for us means building bridges between people and places:  bridges between villages/ small towns and regions/ countries; bridges between citizens and their authorities; bridges between visitors and their hosts; bridges between day-by-day life and long-term sustainable development.  In the greenway approach we are building a mechanism for identifying the barriers and changing them into opportunities – and what is crucial: mechanism created, owned and operated locally.


We are active in four main areas:

The Amber Trail provides a framework within which local initiatives and projects can be developed in ways that respond to local needs and circumstances and at the same time take into account opportunities and constraints at the national and international level.

Amber Trail activities, initiatives and projects seek to reconcile conservation of natural and cultural values with the imperatives of economic development. Specific projects can focus on heritage, environment or other activities as long as they actively involve people and promote a concern for local heritage. A set of Amber Trail Principles have been developed to help guide development of local initiatives and projects in ways that are consistent with sustainable development principles.


1. Protect natural and cultural heritage of the regions located along Amber Trail;

2. Create environmentally friendly economic development opportunities for local societies;

3. Build local support for protected areas and provide landscape stewardship initiatives;

4. Help in identifying and strengthening local cultural and natural identity of the regions and their inhabitants;

5. Initiate and support local cross-sector co-operation and partnership;

6. Build and strengthen regional co-operation;

7. Create international collaboration opportunities, in particular cross-border co-operation;

8. Initiate exchange of experiences, information and knowledge between the partners along Amber Trail.


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