Amber Trail Greenways - Connecting Nature, Tradition And People



We are sorry that due to permanent lack of capacity and finances this web page is permanently in state of incompleteness. Please feel free to write us if you have any questions about the Amber Trail and travelling along it. Do not hesitate to contact us when you prepare your travel plans for 2012. Thank you! 

Amber Trail Greenways is a green corridor running from Budapest in Hungary through Banska Stiavnica in Slovakia, Krakow in Poland to the Baltic Sea. Its main aim is to link natural and cultural heritage conservation to community-based grassroots action and revitalization of local economies. This heritage trail, consisted of the international cycle trail and local thematic loops, links famous historical towns and UNESCO heritage sites with spectacular rural landscapes rich in natural values, cultural tradition, colorful trade fairs, local handicrafts and delicious local cuisine. Program is developed by three independent foundations operating in Poland (Fundacja Partnerstwo dla Srodowiska), Slovakia (Nadacia Ekopolis) and Hungary (Okotars Alapitvany).

The Amber Trail Greenways resonates with the numerous roles played by trade routes in earlier times -- economic, communication, religious, military, diplomacy, cultural exchange and social interaction. Trade relations were always accompanied by exchange of information for building local understanding about the wider world in terms of social, intellectual, religious, cultural and economic issues.

Amber Trail Greenways belongs to the “Central and Eastern European Greenways” program (CEG) of the Environmental Partnership for Sustainable Development Association (EPSD) intended to create an open network of cooperation between civic, communal, business, and governmental organizations that can provide complex and diverse support for efforts of local people to build and revitalize publicly beneficial trails and natural corridors called „greenways” in countries and regions of Europe.

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